Honor Certificate

2021 Best Product Quality Award

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

Environmental Management System Certification

Quality Management System Certification

MooKa algorithm certificate

SME Integrity Demonstration Unit

Enterprise credit evaluation AAA grade credit enterprise

Integrity supplier

After-sales service and trustworthy system

Heavy service and trustworthy enterprise

Quality and trustworthy enterprise

Integrity management demonstration enterprise

Contract and trustworthy enterprise

Quality Service Integrity Enterprise

Enterprise credit rating certificate

Enterprise credit rating certificate

Patent Certificate

A floor-standing welding robot

A welding robot that can adjust the position in a wide range

A welding robot with automatic lubricating structure

A welding robot that facilitates cleaning residues

A high-precision robot that is easy to install

Welding robot (six axis hollow)

Industrial robot(MR10L-2050)

Industrial robot(MR07S-930)

Industrial robot(MR06SC-500)

A handling robot arm for electronic products

A welding robot capable of absorbing welding fume

An industrial robot capable of clamping various workpieces

A switching component for a robot

A split-arm industrial robot

A welding robot that facilitates the replacement of welding wire

An industrial robot safety protection device