Team Introduction

R&D center scale

South China R&D Center was officially established on March 14, 2023, and is located in Room 1003, Unit 1, Building 1, Yuansheng Shugu Industrial Park, Science and Technology 2nd Road, Songshan Lake Park, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

R&D personnel structure

Since its establishment, it has always adhered to people-oriented, and has a core R&D team with R&D, management experience and innovative spirit. There are more than 10 R&D personnel, and the overall R&D capability is strong. The main personnel are from the world's top 500 companies.

The South China R&D Center has two main R&D tasks, including Ontology R&D Department and Software R&D Department. Yang Yucai, the vice president of the head office, also serves as the general manager of the R&D center, responsible for the ontology R&D and software development of the South China R&D center.

Yahui Gan
Partner - Dean

• School of Automation, Southeast University-Associate Professor

• Robot core algorithm development - the current algorithm has reached the ABB level

Qi Wang
Technical director

• A well-known robotics company, with 5 years of ontology R&D experience

• Zhicheng Robot, 2 years experience in Ontology R&D

Yucai Yang
Senior engineer

• Graduated from Guilin University of Technology

• He has been engaged in the research and development of industrial robots for 13 years and has rich experience in research and development

• He has obtained more than 20 authorized invention patents, 1 national excellent patent, published several papers, and is widely used

• Fully responsible for the R&D work of the South China R&D Center

Subject Research

The Ontology R&D Department develops new series of products for the robot ontology

At present, the main R&D task of South China R&D center is according to the needs of the headquarter