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3C Electronics

The 3C industry (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronic) is one of the most important pillar industries in my country's manufacturing industry.

The use of industrial robots is second only to automobiles and auto parts.

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Metal Fabrication

Metal forming machine tool is an important part of machine tools, forming processing is usually associated with high labor intensity, noise pollution, metal dust, etc., sometimes in high temperature and humidity and even polluted environment, the work is simple and boring, and it is difficult for enterprises to recruit people. The integration of industrial robots and forming machine tools can not only solve the problem of enterprise employment, but also improve processing efficiency and safety, and improve processing accuracy. Many processes in the metalworking industry can be replaced by robots to achieve automated production.

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Auto Parts

In automobile manufacturing, industrial robots are widely used. They can be used to process and produce various automotive parts such as body, engine, tire, brake, etc.

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General Industry

China is a manufacturing country, such as food, beverage, tobacco processing, clothing, textile, leather, wood processing, furniture, printing these industries, is an important part of our industrial manufacturing, accounting for 30.2% of China's manufacturing industry. The processes required in these industries are diverse, but processes such as loading and unloading, handling, sorting and packing are essential in almost every industry.

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Building Materials

Building materials generally include cement, sand, wood, wood panels, gypsum board, keel, bricks and tiles, structural components, various pipes, electrical plumbing accessories, steel bars, plastic plates and small equipment for building construction tools, as well as building decoration materials such as glass, stone plates, various floors, various lamps, paints and accessories, various doors and windows, small hardware, rubber and plastic accessories, wallpaper wallcoverings, etc., is a relatively large classification in the manufacturing industry.

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