0xFF20-Qingneng Dechuang

Instantaneous overload of motor U phase: Instantaneous overload of 0xFF21 motor phase V: Instantaneous overload of 0xFF22 motor phase W

a.Possible Causes i.Motor load is too large

1.The actual mechanical load is too large

2.The mechanical load is stuck or blocked

3.The motor brake is not released ii. The acceleration and deceleration time of the motor is set too small iii. The rotor compensation angle is set incorrectly iv. The motor parameter setting is wrong v. The internal current sampling circuit of the drive is abnormal vi. The drive holding circuit is abnormal vii. Small viii. Poor contact or disconnection of a certain phase of the motor power line b. Treatment measures i. Reduce the actual mechanical load of the motor ii. Increase the acceleration and deceleration time of the motor during operation iii. Check the transmission mode of the mechanical load to ensure that there is no jamming etc. iv .Re-detect the rotor compensation angle v. Check the wiring of the motor brake to ensure that the wiring is reliable vi. Check the motor parameters to ensure that the motor parameters are set correctly (such as the rated current of the motor, the value of the fast overload protection of the motor, the time of the fast overload protection of the motor) vii. Replace the large capacity Motor viii. Replace the driver ix. Check whether the motor power line wiring is reliable c.DriveStarter waveform analysis

0x5210-Qingneng Dechuang

AD sampling circuit is abnormal

a.Possible Causes i.Driver AD sampling circuit is damaged b.Treatment measures i.replace drive c.DriveStarterWaveform Analysis