3C Electronics

The 3C industry (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronic) is one of the most important pillar industries in my country's manufacturing industry.

The use of industrial robots is second only to automobiles and auto parts.

Industry Advantages Of MooKa
Higher Precision Higher Speed
After many iterations of reasoning-demonstration-experiment-feedback, the R&D team has studied a series of effective advanced algorithms to successfully overcome the problem of robot jitter, and the algorithm has obtained the copyright certificate of the National Copyright Administration.
Customized Solutions
According to the process and specific production environment, we can provide more refined and complete customized solutions, making it easier to realize automation and unmanned workshops.
Perfect Sales Network And Service System
At present, MooKa has 5 major operation centers in South China, North China, East China, Southwest China and Central China, which can solve users' pre-sales and after-sales problems in an all-round and efficient way.
Nucleic acid swab detection case
SOLUTION丨Applications丨3C Electronics
Dual vision electronic component assembly
SOLUTION丨Applications丨3C Electronics