Building Materials

Building materials generally include cement, sand, wood, wood panels, gypsum board, keel, bricks and tiles, structural components, various pipes, electrical plumbing accessories, steel bars, plastic plates and small equipment for building construction tools, as well as building decoration materials such as glass, stone plates, various floors, various lamps, paints and accessories, various doors and windows, small hardware, rubber and plastic accessories, wallpaper wallcoverings, etc., is a relatively large classification in the manufacturing industry.

Industry Advantages Of MooKa
The product has a wider range of applications
In the construction materials industry, there are many types of materials, and there are many requirements for robot functions. For example, cutting tasks, handling loading and unloading tasks. Our products include special robots and multi-purpose robots, and one robot can be applied to a variety of processes, and the applicability is stronger.
Higher Precision Higher Speed
After many iterations of reasoning-demonstration-experiment-feedback, the R&D team has studied a series of effective advanced algorithms to successfully overcome the problem of robot jitter, and the algorithm has obtained the copyright certificate of the National Copyright Administration.
Customized Solutions
According to the process and specific production environment, we can provide more refined and complete customized solutions, making it easier to realize automation and unmanned workshops.
Window guardrail welding
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Construction machinery welding
SOLUTION丨Applications丨Building Materials
High and low bed frame welding
SOLUTION丨Applications丨Building Materials
Cable industry welding
SOLUTION丨Applications丨Building Materials